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Canon EOS 5D Mark III /5D Mark IV /5Ds /5Dsr Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories

2.The sweeps tool

3.Cross Screwdriver #000


~~Install procedure ~~

<p.1>This is canon 5d3 camera.


<p.2>There are two small screws needing to open. (yellow arrowhead)


<p.3>Please reverse and Standing this camera.


<p.4>You need one cross screwdriver to open screw.


<p.5 p.6>Open screw, and take out spare part.


<p.7>The red arrowhead is focusing screen frame lock and open direction.


<p.8>You can use thumb of left hand to open spring lock.


<p.9>Open the frame lock and please take tweezers to clip the tab of the focusing screen (in the left side)and take out of the camera carefully.


<p.10>Taking out 5d3 original focusing screen.


<p.10-1> Notice: 5D MARK III and 5D MARK IV focusing screen's right and left and below mounting tab size some different,Mark III screen can't install in Mark IV and S/SR camera body.


<p.11>This is Ec-B focusing screen for Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera


<p.12>Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.(Split-image or Micro-prism facing to pentaprism is correct)


<p.13>Before fixing please check whether focusing screen have in the right position or not.


<p.14 p.15 >Put on the spring lock and fix screens lock with the thumb of left hand is all right. Operate carefully until it locks in place.


<p.16 p.17 >Use screwdriver to fix screws and spare parts is procedure of ends.


<p.18>The focusing screen already install completion


<p.19>Ec-B focusing screen focus in the house of back.(24-70/2.8)


<p.20>Central image enlarges.


<p.21>Focus image (focus in the eye.)


<p.22>Central image enlarges.


<p.23>61 focusing point




Canon EOS 5D Mark III viewfinder window picture sample <p.19>~< p.23> is use DC shooting viewfinder.