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CANON EOS Canon 500D / 550D / 100D /1200D Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories


3.The sweeps tool

~~Install procedure ~~

<P1>This is Canon EOS 500D/Kiss X3/ Rebel T1i camera.


<P2>Please reverse and Standing this camera.


<P3>Please watch for position of seeing the foam


<P4> Angled the foam with the Tweezers can see an eyelet.


<P5>Please take out "Tweezers" in the packing and make use of Tweezers point into the eyelet of switch and "press downward first " "push inside after" can open the spring lock .


<P6> Please take out the spring lock be careful, don't harm mirror and clip the original focusing screen edge and take out of the camera.


<P7>This is 500D and 550D spare parts(1.Spring lock 2.focusing screen) for taking out.


<P8> This two example which changes is Canon 500D FSB focusing screen (GRID) and Canon 550D K3 focusing screen (GRID),Their shapes have some dissimilarities.


<P9> Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.


<P10> Putting the spring slice returns.


<P11> Attach the spring slice.


<P12>You can use Tweezers or use a thumb operation can be also,use thumb to lock please put on the "fingerstall" (Fingerstall in the focusingscreen accessories box )


<P13>Operate carefully until it locks in place.


<P14> The focusing screen already install completion


<P15>550D with K3 focusing screen lost focus image in viewfinder window.(The focus in the house of back.) 28-70L


<P16>The central image enlarges.


<P17>Focus Image (The focus in the eye.)


<P18>The central image enlarges



<P15> ~ < P18>Picture is use DC shooting the 550D viewfinder window.
Canon EOS 500D /550D camera change focusing screen will not influence Auto Focus. --->Please make reference to here 500D/550D AF dots explain