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CANON EOS 5D Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories

2.The sweeps tool


<P1>This is the CANON EOS 5D camera


<P2>You can see the focusing screen in the top of inside


<P3> Tweezers arrowhead is Attachment hook


<P4>Use the tweezers clip tightly a switch and push outwardly, Can open screen lock


<P5>The focusing screen lock have already opened


<P6>Please store original focusing screen careful


<P7>Please take out foam (Foam in the accessories box)


<P8+9>Take out a bar of foam


<P10>Stick to the focus point screen the top side.(Please watch for the direction of <P10>)


<P11>This purpose wants to depend on tight base surface (The base surface is in the under screen )


<P12>Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.


<P13>Operate carefully until it locks in place.If the center position has few deviation,you can flutter camera lightly then again fixed,Until the screen position is correct.


<P14>This image is the accurate center


<P15>This is the appearance which didn't focus (Ec-L focusing screen Grid )


<P16>This is the focus appearance.(Ec-L focusing screen Grid )


<P17>This is the appearance which didn't focus (Ec-A focusing screen Grid )


<P18>This is the focus appearance.(Ec-A focusing screen Grid )


Only the Ec-A Ec-B and Ec-L for 5D focusing screen just needs <P7~P11> procedure,Other styles can neglect this procedure.