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NIKON D850 D810 D800 D780 D750 D610 D600 Df Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories

2.The sweeps tool

~~Install procedure ~~

<P.1>Install sample is NIKON D800 camera.


<P.2>Please reverse and standing this camera.


<P.3>You can see the structure of inside ,yellow arrowhead is open direction red arrowhead is lock.


<P.4>This tool is a focusing screen accessories in the packing box,Please take out.


<P.5> Please hold this direction (1.). Please watch for,the tool must put the higher position (please reference P.3 and P.8 yellow arrowhead),because the wire and focusing screen distance is very near,using the tool to opened please don't hurt screen carefully.


<P.6>Using the tool to hang wire after press down (2.) after push (3.).


<P.7>You can also not use tool only use thumb of left hand to open spring lock .


<P.8>The lock has already opened !! Please taking out the original focusing screen.(inside slice doesn't need to take out )


<P.9> This sample is K3 for D800 focusing screen,we also provide a variety of different styles of focusing screen.


<P.9-1> D810 F6-A focusing screen


<P.9-2> Df Ec-L focusing screen


<P.9-3> D850 original and S-Type focusing screen



<P.10>Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.


<P.11> Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.(Split-image or Micro-prism facing to pentaprism is correct)


<P.12> Before fixing please check whether screen surface have dust or not, can use thumb of left hand to lock screens (P.7).


<P.13>The focusing screen already Install completion.


<P.14>This is the appearance which didn't focus.


<P.15>The central image enlarges. (Lost focus image is split-collectively.)


<P.16>This is the focus appearance.


<P.17>The central image enlarges. (Focus in the eye.)



Please note: D810/850 focusing screen spring lock and D800 has a little different.

Below sample is D850

D810/D850 focusing screen spring switch has protruding design,can use finger directly. Just gently press down with your fingers, please refer to the yellow arrow direction.



Then push to the red arrow direction gently,can unlock and take out focusing screen.



1 .<p.14>~< p.17>On all sides darker is the relation that the DC shooting viewfinder,Actually on all sides BE bright.

2 .NIKON D850/D810/D800/D750/D610/D600/Df change focusingscreen will not influence AF-Focus and focus point operate.

3. Their focusing screen has some different,but install procedure homology.