Grid Line Account


<How to marking grid line >

Cross split-image focusing screen and Rule of Thirds grid

Marking AF frame and cross grid line focusing screen in view finder window (f2.8 lens)


Our grid line manufacture's method is special,Not be incise with the knife but be use laser polishing,So the grid will be a bright line and isn't a black line.Polishing district will make bright degree raise.The grid is transparent will not cover to the target.Because laser polishing grid bright degree about at f1.0~1.4 so the grid is in the f1.0~2.0 will be not obvious above,f2.8~16 will have good result.



<The image of various diaphragm in laser polishing>


















If you use AF lens of time,Shrinking the diaphragm will synchronous to complete when the shutter act.Therefore the number which set shrinks diaphragm matter is how much,Will not influence a viewfinder bright degree.

For example the 24-70/f2.8 AF lens using take photo in f8.0 diaphragm,The viewfinder will maintain f2.8 bright degrees<P.3>.