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Canon Eos 5 / A2 Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories

2.Sweeps tool


~~Install procedure ~~

<p.1>This is Canon eos 5 camera,two holes is focusing screen lock.


<p.2>Use sweeps tool to push can open lock.


<p.3> Have already opened now.


<p.4> Please store original focusing screen careful ~


<p.5> This sample is cross split-image focusing screen for eos 5 camera.


<p.6 p.7 p.8 p.9 > Take out a bar of foam and please stick in the focusing screen edge side.


<p.10> Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.(Split-image or Micro-prism facing to pentaprism is correct)


<p.11> If manual focusing is back focus,can put transparent pad revise. Revise back focus principle please reference here