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Pentax K5/K7/K10D/K20D/ISTD Focusing Screen Installation Instruction


~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories


3.The sweeps tool


~~Install procedure ~~

<P1>This is the Pentax K10D camera


<P2> White arrowhead is Attachment hook ~


<P3>This is the tool category that may present in screen package,If you BE order FSB/FSL/FSX will have A tool,order K3/F6X will have A+B tools,order Ec-X will have A+C tools


<P4> This kind of tool above of the point can use it to open frame lock


<P5>Can also clip focusing screen


<P6>Open the way can make reference <p6> explanation


<P7>Use the tweezers clip tightly a switch and push outwardly can also open screen lock


<P8>Have already opened now


<P9>Take out focusing screen carefully~


<P10>These steps are simple !!


<P11>Please store original focusing screen careful ~


<P12> This sample is K10D K3 focusing screen(Grid)


Please watch for focusing screen tab direction while installing

<P13> Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera. !!


<P14>Please confirm direction whether exactitude


<P15> Gently press up on the screen holder with the supplied tool until it locks in place. Or use a thumb operation can be also.


<P16>Please check the switch is fixs or not ....


<P17> This is the focusing screen that the viewfinder window sees


<P18>This is the appearance which didn't focus.


<P19>This is the focus appearance~^ ^




1 . <p.14>&< p.15>On all sides darker is the relation that the dslr shooting viewfinder,Actually on all sides BE bright.

2 . Penatx ISTD/K5//K7/K10D/K20D change focusingscreen will not influence AF-Focus and focus point operate.