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PENTAX K100D / K200D / K2000D / K-m / K-x / K-r Focusing Screen Installation Instruction

~~Please prepare~~

1.Please prepare we send to your focusing screen and the accessories

2.The sweeps tool


~~Install procedure ~~

<p.1>This is the Pentax K-m camera.


<p.2>You can see the structure of inside,yellow arrowhead is lock.


<p.3>Please reverse and Standing this camera.


<p.4>This yellow arrowhead is open direction.


<p.5> This tweezers is a screen accessories in the packing box,Please take out.


<p.6>The bent edge which makes use of tweezers gets into the eyelet of switch and pushing outwardly.can open this lock switch.


<p.7> Lock have already opened now.


<p.8>Take out original screen for the sake of the convenience,You can make the camera even to lie


<p.9> Taking out the original screen and slice.


<p.10>This is K3 Grid focusing screen for K-m


<p.11>Because this spring lock can't dismantle in the screen install process,Have to make use of your left hand thumb to support the spring lock high by this time.


<p.12> Put a yellow slice first.


<p.13> Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.


<p.14>Put on the spring lock.


<p.15>Fix screens lock with the right hand index finger is all right. Operate carefully until it locks in place.


<p.16>This focusing screen size is precise and centrally the position is easy.


<p.17>The focusing screen already install completion.


<p.18>This is the appearance which didn't focus.


<p.19>The central image enlarges.


<p.20>This is the focus appearance.


<p.21>The central image enlarges. (Focus in the model's mouth.)



1 . <p.18~21>On all sides darker is the relation that the DC shooting camera viewfinder window,Actually on all sides BE bright.

2 . Pentax K100D/K200D/K-m/K2000d/K-x/K-r change focusingscreen will not influence AF-Focus.